Dark Hexagon

What to expect...

A strange musical mix of darkwave, drone, metal and house. Sometimes a touch of jazz even. The songs are very diverse in nature.

All songs for free...

Music is for the people, made to be listened to. All songs are available in 192kb streaming mp3. Full versions without any adds or other anoying sounds that are not suposed to be in it.


All songs are provided "as is". Downloading is completely at your own risk. Dark Hexagon and/or the webhost are in no way responsible for any sort of dammage caused in any way.

Who are we?

Dark Hexagon comes from Holland and is a side project of Techno Witch. At the moment, there is a lot of solo work, although efforts are made to include some of my friends in the music. There is no specific style you can find here, anything is possible.

After the Summoning

192kb streaming mp3. Filesize: 9.8Mb. A drone/darkwave track with deep bass-sounds from the Roland SH201 Synth. Vocals by E.Koppenaal.

Down comes the Evil

192kb streaming mp3. Filesize: 12.1Mb. A dark breakbeat track. Vocals by E.Koppenaal.

Not only in this world

192kb streaming. Filesize: 7.1Mb A track with a metal rhythm and houselike melody. Vocals by E.Koppenaal

Nothing Gets You Killed

192kbstreaming mp3. Filesize: 8.5Mb. A doom/ambient track. Vocals and bassguitar by E.Koppenaal